Hogan ~ Vallejo Class of 1963 Scholarship
Scholarship Committee
℅ Henry W. Thorpe, Jr.
245 Masonic Dr.
Vallejo, CA 94591
(707) 643-6910
The Hogan/Vallejo Class of 1963 is offering two annual scholarships in the amount of $500.00 each to any classmate's grandchild who is a graduating high school senior from any high school. One scholarship will be offered to a classmate's grandchild who is a graduating senior from Hogan or Vallejo High School, and the other scholarship will be offered to a classmate's child graduating from any other high school.
The purpose of this scholarship is to reward a classmate's grandchild who is a graduating senior for being a good student, active in school/community, demonstrates leadership ability and also is pursuing a goal in post-secondary education.
  1. Must be a child, grandchild, stepchild or adopted child of a classmate from Hogan/Vallejo Class of 1963.
  2. Must be a graduating senior.
  3. Must be furthering his/her education at a community or Junior college, four year college/university, vocational/technical institute or business school.
  4. Completed applications must be received by May 1st of the current year at 245 Masonic Dr, Vallejo, CA 94591
How To Apply
A completed application includes 1 thru 5 below.
  1. An application. These are being mailed to the last known address of each classmate. You can also contact Henry Thorpe or click here to download in PDF format.
  2. A copy of your complete High School transcript. Final semester grades need not be included.
  3. A letter from the applicant stating his/her educational goals, career interests, and leadership accomplishments. This letter should be as concise as possible but it should give a complete picture of accomplishments, hopes and dreams emphasizing how he/she plan on attaining them, and how this scholarship will help achieve them.
  4. A separate sheet listing and briefly explaining his/her involvement in extra curricular activities; memberships, offices held, awards won in school, community organizations, and after school employment.
  5. Two letters, one from a teacher or your counselor, and one from the head of one of your activities. (Limit one page).
The completed application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee.

The scholarship will be announced in June and all applicants will be notified in writing of the final decision. The check will be mailed upon proof of enrollment in higher education (usually September).