Vital Statistics
      Name at graduation: Bartlett, Dennis W.
      Name now:  
      Date of Birth: 2/20/1945
      School: Hogan High
Contact Info
      Email address:
      Mailing Address: 2550 burgess road
  addy, wa  99101
      Home Phone Number: 509-935-0959
Bio Info
      Marital Status: Divorced
      Spouse's Name:
      Year Married:
      Military Service: Army
      Children: 0
      Current Home: addy wa
      Colleges Attended: solano
  skagit valley
      Highest Degree: Junior College
      Major: math
      Current Occupation: retired -raising horses &cattle
      Company: deebar quarter horses&half arabs
      Political views: Conservative
      Pets: ode - jack russell
      Hobbies: horses -archery -long pack trips(horse back)hunting fishing gardening
      My life in a nutshell after graduation to the present time:
    owned salmon fishing buisness for 25 years and a marina construction for 6 years