Vital Statistics
      Name at graduation: Anderson, Norman Lee
      Name now:  
      Date of Birth: 8/6/1943
      School: Hogan High
Contact Info
      Email address:
      Mailing Address: 3 sheep creek loop
  north fork, ID  83466
      Home Phone Number: 208-865-2034
Bio Info
      Marital Status: Married
      Spouse's Name: nelson, joanne
      Year Married: 1968
      Military Service: none
      Children: 4
      Grandchildren: 6
      Current Home: north fork ID
      Colleges Attended: american river jc
  vallejo jc
      Highest Degree: High School
      Major: psychology
      Current Occupation: retired
      Political views: Conservative
      Pets: `3 cats
      Hobbies: Golf,Hunting,Fishing,Gardening.
      My life in a nutshell after graduation to the present time:
    Went to JC's for 3 semesters started a neon apprentiship and married in 1968 retired in 2008 after 40 years moved to Idaho with my wife Joanne. I got my first hole in one last month at the Salmon River course. We are really enjoying our life in Idaho.